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Baddie Academy

Sacred Sisterhood Group Mentorship

Service Description

This is a 12 week group mentorship that incorporates coaching, healing, movement, rituals, tools, and mindset hacks to help you create a juicy, soul-nourishing daily spiritual and self care practice that allows you to calm your busy brain and access your intuition (even if you only have 15min to yourself each day). When you join, you’ll unlock… 💖 Weekly 60min Group Coaching with Natalia - To give you support and guidance that meets you EXACTLY where you’re at and help you take inspired action towards your goals. 🌟 Monthly Reiki Sessions - Release + recharge your energetic body so you can receive intuitively downloads and self discoveries as you take quantum leaps forward + gain and maintain energetic balance. 🧘🏽‍♀️ Monthly Yoga Classes - Go beyond mindset into the body for truer, deeper integration of all you’re learning (and unlearning!). ✍🏽 Weekly Journal Prompts, Guided Meditations, or Worksheets - To help you gain clarity, enhance your intuition, and build self-accountability. 📲 Voxer Support between sessions - So you never have to worry about waiting for our next call, drop in and receive guidance + soul nourishment whenever you need it. This call is to ensure that we're a great match and can make some magic happen. We'll chat about where you are in your journey, where you desire to be, and begin strategize a plan of action for you.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations. Changes require 36hr advanced notice.

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