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Purple Glow


Here to elevate human consciousness & activate the Earth's Crystalline Grid
by being of service

I was born and raised in the SF Bay Area's East Bay, which was a total blessing. A lil Brown girl from the Bay who love to pray and play. A spacey fly earthy chick, ya feel me?

As a child I endured a lot. I self harmed to cope, and as I got older found other vices. I self medicated to numb and distract myself from the pain and trauma I'd endured and was still going through. I'd also experienced physical trauma; I was in a gnarly car accident that left me in crutches for months, unsure if I would ever have full range of motion in my knee.

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By the grace of God I found yoga, and with a consistent practice I was able to heal my body. Yoga was the gateway to my healing, the gateway to my awakening, and it opened my eyes (and the doors) to my other abilities. After 11 years of practicing, I found Innerstellar and completed their 200HR Yoga Teacher Training. I then began serving my community by facilitating donation-based weekly yoga classes for QTPOC (queer/trans people of color). FTP! Yoga 4 POC was born out of the radical need to bring embodiment to help heal trauma, ease anxiety, and relieve depression in QTPOC, and make it accessible.

I simultaneously developed and cultivated a meditation and spiritual practice, and unlocked my latent abilities. My ability to sense and feel others, to move energy, and to hear and see other realms. I deepened my connection with these abilities through Reiki. Reiki opened me to new and deeper levels of healing in the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual realms. It brought me further in my journey to feel good, in body mind and soul. I completed Reiki School a certified Reiki Master and began to offer this amazing healing modality to my community.

I know that these modalities alone are incredibly powerful, but together they're a vehicle for deep transformation and energetic/emotional healing. They changed my life! I went from depressed, anxious, suicidal, and a victim, to being a joyful, confident, embodied, and empowered being who is in control of their life's trajectory.

I'm here to help others experience the same transformation, because we are all deserving of a joyful life, of feeling good, and experiencing beauty in every day.

I teach yoga live+online! I offer both classes and private sessions. I offer Reiki healing to those looking to further their healing by utilizing Universal Life Energy. I also offer private coaching. I love working one-on-one to help build strength and confidence in yoga and coach y'all into higher more aligned states of personal evolution. I facilitate guided meditations and offer recorded meditations digitally and through Patreon.

With what I've learned through intuition, certifications in Yoga, Usui Reiki, Medical Intuition 1, and my Ancestars  I can assist you in your journey to live a life that's aligned with your true soul and divinity.


I am also known as HONEY STRAWBERRii KATANA™, and am part of PURPLE PLAYHOUSE™ & SHiNOBi SPACE CLUB © alongside JUCE iTACHi KUROSAKi ™.  


  • Usui Reiki. Levels 1, 2, & Master

  • Holy Fire Reiki. Levels 1 & 2

  • Medical Intuition. Level 1

  • Hatha, Vinyasa, & Stellarflow 200hr Yoga Teacher

  • Coaching Foundations

  • Becoming Infinite Life Coaching, EFT, Hypnosis, NLP

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Here's some fun facts about me...

I'm actually a hella big nerd. I love to read and spent a lot of time in my local library growing up, both as a patron and a volunteer. You can always find at least 2-3 books on my nightstand. I also love to learn, and am always taking classes to hone my skills and expand my knowledge.

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